AUEAEUHTSH. Nearly got by 3-5’s final battle, but KAERE loli decided she’d crit Kirishima for 74 damage (from 75 hp -> 1 hp) in the very last attack the enemy fleet had. Dangit, guess I’m waiting a little bit longer.

Switched Kaga in replacing Hiryuu like I said I would… Got to the boss, but man Kaga must have been hungry once we got to base… Goodbye my 400 bauxite in one sortie…

Hiryuu, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t keep getting crit to red in 3-5… Last several times I’ve had to abandon sortie, it was because Black Wock Shooter, Ta-chan, or Northern Loli crit you to near dead… I’m this frigging close to swapping Kaga in to replace you.

Alright, reply three of seven, just in! (still waiting on the others) This time from itou, who does two things: cute girls and giant robots, and he does them both great. Full text, translation, and screenshot under the cut.

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Sometimes when I talk to myself I spontaneously change die Sprache von Englisch zu Deutsch oder andersrum.

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